Friday, August 19, 2016

The Perfect MMA Fighter

When looking at Mixed Martial Arts we see a combination of combat disciplines mixed together. Fighters usually come from one specific martial art and add techniques from others. There are different schools of thought as to what is the dominate art for MMA. Some say BJJ, some say wrestling. Some take a different approach by taking strikers and having them focus on takedown and ground defense. Some feel that all you need to do is take a good athlete and show them a little from each area and you will get a decent fighter. All of the above are probably correct. We've seen champions from all the schools of thought. Of course it boils down to the fighter. As a fighter one must be exposed to all of the possibilities that can't happen in their sport. In my opinion to create an awesome MMA fighter, I would approach it like school. In school you have several subjects (math, science, art, english, etc.). So, in MMA school, you would have several disciplines (boxing, kicking, grappling, conditioning, etc.). If you could get a high GPA in all of your subjects, you would have a great fighter.

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