Friday, August 26, 2016

Fast Way To Learn How To Fight. Box!

What is the fast way to learn how to fight? Fighting! I'm not saying go out and start picking fights, but let's look at good fighters. Most people consider boxers to be tough guys. When you look at the best of the best, they usually come from tough upbringing. They usually have an aggressive nature. They tend to not be shy or timid. They are usually confident, arrogant, and cocky (sometimes in a good way and some times in a bad way). So, let's say you don't have any of what I just described, how do you learn to fight? I recommend putting yourself in an environment that breeds what I mentioned above. For example, go to a good boxing gym. You will feel the air of confidence and egos. You will see hard training and see what separates the lion from the sheep. The reason I say boxing, because it is a sport where you can get in the ring and go at it with the emotions, intensity, and get the feel of a real fight. You have protection and a coach to keep you from getting hurt (badly).  You get to be macho and cocky and it's OK, because there will probably be somebody there to humble you. With boxing you have fast learning curve. You learn how to be tough and build confidence.

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