Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Olympic Judo

I hope you have been watching the Olympic Judo this week. The sport has gotten some good TV coverage. The better US athletes perform, the better for the sport in America. The IJF has done a great job in marketing the sport internationally. American Travis Stevens won a Silver Medal. As of right now we are waiting to see how Carlton Brown and Kayla Harrison (defending Gold Medalist) perform. It would be cool to see 3 medals for the USA. If you ever get the chance to train with an Olympic level Judoka or top ranked national level player (the guys in the top 5 are world class), please do. I've been fortunate to train Judo with world class Judoka. My current coach is  Leo White (2x Olympian and the US commentator for the Olympics). Over the years I've had the privilege to train experienced international players. Trying to get a grip on these guys is difficult and getting grabbed by these guys is unreal (you won't get their grips off). Their timing and reaction time is unbelievable. There ability to effortlessly defend your throws and submissions is mind boggling. To appreciate what you see when watching the Olympic athletes compete, imagine doing a clean and jerk over with your bodyweight every 10 to 20 seconds for 5 minutes. 

Over the next couple of blogs I will tell you about my experiences training with Olympic level athletes in Boxing and Taekwondo. They will humble you. 

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