Monday, January 10, 2011

Does Karate Work In a Real Fight? The Champ's Favorite Karate Moves

In looking at what Karate techniques work in a full contact competition or self defense situation, I will say that it is a credible and effective art. I will give a list of Karate specific techniques that I have used in competition and in real fights. Technique 1, the back fist (or back knuckle) is fast and painful. In kickboxing, the spinning backfist is one of the most powerful hand techniques you can throw because you spin 360 degrees into the technique. Without the the glove the back fist to the facial area is very effective because the head is a flexible target and the fast you snap your weapon the more effective. I've thrown many spinning backfist in competition and landed some but produced no KOs with them, but I've used the bare knuckle back fist to drop people in reality. Technique 2, the reverse punch or straight punch. This punch is a powerful punch that shoots from the rear side of a stance. The shoots forward shifting the bodyweight into the technique and the hip rotates the punch. This is an explosive movement that results in a lot of power. During my tournament karate days, I learned to shoot it from a distance to close the gap and score. I like to shoot it the to solar plexus, floating ribs and facial area. In reality, it works like the sucker punch in that you explode in to the movement from a neutral stance. Technique 3, the side kick. I've this one defensively (opponent attacking and running into it) and offensively (I fake a punch to the head and slide up into the kick). The great thing about this kick, is that it's hard to grab and it is a strong linear technique that can know your opponent away even if he blocks the kick. My primary target for this one is the body, and it has been effective in knocking the wind out of guys and giving a few KOs with broken ribs. Technique 3 is the front snap kick. I use the snap kick because I can throw at a close range with speed. The snap knocks the wind out guys and like the side kick, is hard to grab. Technique 4 is the round kick. This is the most used kick in martial arts. I mainly use the lead leg round kick for anything waist up. I use the rear leg round kick mainly to the leg. I reality, I've used more of the snapping round kick as I rely more on speed than strength in those situations. In full contact competiton, I will use the Thai style shin kick rotating the whole body through the target. In real fights, you can use the foot (you have shoes on) and you have to be selective in committing your body to this type of technique (unless you kick like Matee or Buakaw). Number 5,  last technique is the Spin back kick. This is my favorite kick. In competition, I've used it mainly as a counter against a charging opponent. It requires timing and distance. So, to my Karate friends out there, it does work in full contact and in reality! The Champs Karate techniques: 1) The Backfist, 2) The Reverse Punch, 3), The Side Kick, 4) The Round Kick, and Number 5) Spin Back Kick (this one is for primariliy for competiton). We will look at other combat sports and self defense applications in future posts.

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