Monday, January 31, 2011

Fighting Without Thought

A lot of times when students start sparring, they get tense and then get intense as they start swinging for the fences. It is hard to relax and stay relaxed (especially when someone starts to hit you back). In all combat sports there is a time to use technique and a time to "Squab on 'em". Going toe to toe right of the bat isn't the way to go. If your opponent is weaker and can't hurt you, then it's OK. But, the goal is to win with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. You can't go for the knock out until your opponent is ready to be knocked out. You have to pick your shots, find the opening, and get him into the deep end (where he's tired) and then go for the knock out. There is no emotion involved because they cloud the mind and ruin the game plan. When I fight, my goal is to find the easiest way to win. I am stoic and no matter what my opponent does, I ignore it and stay with my plan. Within the first round of fight, I learn his strong points and weak points. The first thing I do is check his defense and feel his offense. Once I determine his hurt potential, then I decide when the right time to engage is (without getting me hurt). Remember anybody can duke it out, but in a tournament you have to use brains and not just brawn to keep winning (for multiple matches). You movements should be instinctive because you've put the hours in training, but you have to think while your techniques flow.

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