Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old School Shidokan Highlights

Came across this awesome clip of some mid to late 90s Shidokan fights. These fights aired on ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports and Pay-Per-View. There are a lot of knock outs here (the triathlon tournaments have a 80% KO ratio). A lot of well known fighters from around the globe are in this video (Kestutis Arbocius, Shonnie Carter, Fredrick Aguilar, Jerry Morris, Joseb Ioboredzie, Tomaz Kurchareski, Zolt Letner, Peter Angerer, Johen Gieb, and many others).  Shidokan is known as "The Triathlon of Martial Arts", where a champion has to compete under 3 disciplines (bare knuckle karate, kickboxing, and grappling) and win 3 matches in a night. The point system during this era of the sport was based on knock down karate rules. A fighter had to be stunned or hurt in order for a point to be awarded (instead of a 10 point must system which is now used). If nobody got hurt, matches would go into overtime. This way the fighters determined the outcome of the match. This is the evolution of the sport and (and martial arts) in showing why a fighter must be well rounded and demonstrate the spirt of the Samurai. Enjoy!

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