Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Judo Coach Olympian Leo White

Over the years I've met some really good Judoka (Judo Players). My first instructor, Nak Jun Kim was on the Korean National Team. I trained at Atlanta Judo Academy under Bob Byrd for a couple of years. I currently train at Wakamusha Judo Club with Leo White. The top players in the city come and train there (national champion Joshua White, Olympic Alternate Mark Fletcher to name a few). Sensei White is a 2 time Olympian and 17X national champion (the only person to do this). Part of our curriculum at Shidokan Atlanta consist of Judo technique and Ju Jitsu techniques. Jaral Bowman and Eric Heegaard are part of Atlanta Top Team and train in Brazilian Ju Jitsu with Jacao Caneiro. So our approach to grappling brings a wide arrange of techniques from these disciplines as well as wrestling and sambo. Back to Leo, now. He is a phenomenal martial artist and even in his 50s can throw and submit you with ease. I will do other posts in the future on some more of the great martial artists and coaches I've had the honor to meet and train with. Here is a lesson from the Leo on Youtube.

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