Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lady Warriors of the gym.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to train some tough ladies in the gym. In this clip you can see some of the women we've worked with. Some of them have been training with me since 1999! Using martial arts as a base (mind you I draw training techniques from 5 different martial arts), we are able to work the body in a variety of ways, keeping it different to always challenge the body and develop functional fitness. Check out these Lady Warriors in the clips below.


Here's another clip of our latest female fighter, Rhonda Balsamello. She's been training with us for about 7 months and has competed in Karate, Grappling, and Kickboxing events. She is the hardest working student in the gym.
This is her fist tournament after just a few months of training. Can't wait to show you 1 year later.

One more for the ladies. This is Grace Ogara, a tough 3rd grader, defeating a boy in her first tournament.

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  1. For a woman, many times its difficult to find a gym that truly embraces your femininity and your warrior senses at the same time.......Shidokan Atlanta does that and Sooo much more. Mr. T is such a wonderful teacher that he makes it easy for you to adapt to the complexity of the art!!! I love that gym...and as soon as maternity leave is over.....I WILL BE BACK! OSU