Friday, September 16, 2011

Be Ready To Fight Anybody!

A lot of fighters are picky about who they fight. Isn't that weird. If you say you want to compete and challenge yourself, surely you want to fight somebody who is good. Of course we want to feel good about ourselves and think that we are the best. But deep down we know that's not really true. A true competitor want to fight that good fighter they keep hearing about to see who they would fare against him. A true competitor wants to face an opponent who can possibly beat him. That's living on the edge. That's why I really like tournament style matches, were you don't know who you are going to fight from match to match. All you know is that you are in a playing field of tough MoFos. Whoever walks away the winner that day can feel like they've accomplished something. Fights where one guy fights another for a belt and they train for months with one opponent in mind is not the same. I wish promoters could just get a bunch of fighters in a room. Have warm up and get ready and then 30 minutes before the fights start, they reach in a hat and pick a name and whatever happens, happens. That way guys aren't googling each other and studying opponents of opponents and their trainers and training partners, trying to come up with a game plan based on what he did 2 years ago. Live in the now and welcome the challenge.

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