Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yoshukai Superfights

I saw some great fights this past weekend at the Annual Yoshukai Superfights in Oxford, AL. Congrats to to our kids and adults for doing an awesome job. All of our kids (Ricky, Max, and Zahkee) place first, competing in both point and full contact karate. All of our adults placed in the semi-knockdown (full contact with pads): Tristan, Kevin, Richard, and Khanty. During the evening bare knuckle fights, "Big" John, Vinny, Rhonda and Eric all fought well and placed. The event featured some of the top knock down fighters on the east coast. I was really impressed with a couple of fighters from NY who dominated the middle and heavyweight divisions. For those of you who've never seen full contact bare knuckle karate, you should go see some. These events are very different from other combat sports. Here you see kids and parents competing and cheering each other on. You have to fight and if you can't take punishment, it ain't for you. Great job to all the fighters, dojos, etc. And a special thanks to The World Yoshukai Karate Association for putting on a great tournament.

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