Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz "Dirty Fighting"

You either saw or heard about this past Saturday's boxing show on Pay-per-View. Ortiz head butted Floyd and in response, Floyd knocked him out while Ortiz was apologizing, catching off guard. Was it legal? Yes. The ref did restart the fight (after penalizing Ortiz for the head butt). From what I saw, Ortiz was apologizing and not looking at the ref signaling the time keeper to start the clock. Floyd smiled, acknowledging the apology and then hit Ortiz with a hook, straight right combo that KOed him. Ortiz was completely wrong in the head butt (which resulted in a spit the both sides of Floyd's lip). What Floyd did can be justified, but I think that he should have been the bigger man and exhibited the class of a champion by not sucker punching his opponent. He was winning the fight, his opponent got frustrated and cheated. Floyd decided to get even and lower himself to a dirty level. He should have continued to out box his opponent and show that fans that he is a class act. After the fight, the interview with Larry Merchant was just as bad. Floyd blew his cool and cursed out Merchant, who in return wished he was 40 years younger so he could kick Floyd's ARSE. This type of behavior is unbecoming of a legend (which Floyd claims he is). I mean, you're a controversial high profile, rich athlete. You know the expert analysts are going to ask good and bad questions, make their comments, etc. Remain a gentleman and show the world you are a true champion instead of a hot headed kid.

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